In the world of investment, finding potential investors is like searching for hidden gems. Every investor is a potential source of funding and growth for your business. However, despite the vast ocean of opportunities, many businesses struggle to identify and engage with the right investors.

Historical Data:

We’ve observed the following:

– An average investor ticket amounts to just over $7,000, specifically $7,048.

– Only 5.89% of leads will subscribe to a deal, which means 94.11% of them will not.

– Additionally, of the total dollar amount that has been subscribed, 29.69% remains outstanding.


Let’s say that your company has a list of 10,000 investor leads. Based on the historical data:

1. 5.89% of these leads, translating to 589 investors, will subscribe to a deal.

2. This would generate a potential revenue of $4,150,272 (589 x $7,048). However, of this amount, 29.69% or $1,232,555.61 remains outstanding due to incomplete investments.

4. Furthermore, 94.11% or 9,411 of these leads, representing a potential revenue of $66,319,728 (9,411 * $7,048), have not been converted.


With the current conversion rate, your company is generating $4,150,272 from 589 investors. However, about $1.2M of this amount remains outstanding. Moreover, there’s a potential revenue of $66M from the 9,411 investors that have not been converted. This means your company is not only leaving a significant amount of money, $66,319,728 to be exact, on the table from unconverted leads but also has a substantial amount, $1,232,555, that remains uncollected from converted leads.

The equity crowdfunding landscape presents a dual challenge:

  1. Converting potential leads: A staggering 94.11% of investor leads, whom you’ve likely invested resources in acquiring, have not subscribed to your deal. This represents a vast reservoir of untapped potential and unrealized revenue.
  2. Incomplete Investments: Of those who have shown interest and subscribed, 29.69% have not completed their investment. This is revenue that’s within reach but hasn’t been realized due to various barriers in the investment completion process.

This is where PYC (Public Yield Capital) steps in. We address two key areas:

1. Re-engagement: PYC specializes in re-engaging with the 94.11% of leads you’ve likely invested resources in acquiring but haven’t subscribed to your deal. This represents a vast reservoir of untapped potential and unrealized revenue.

2. Investment Completion Guidance: For the 29.69% who began the subscription process but didn’t complete their investment, PYC offers a nuanced and supportive approach. Think of us as a “gentle” collection agency. We guide these investors through the subscription process, ensuring that interest translates into completed investments.

By partnering with PYC, you can ensure that every lead, whether they’ve subscribed or not, is given the attention and guidance they need to become a completed investment, maximizing your revenue potential in the equity crowdfunding domain.

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