Investor Marketing And Regulation A Compliance

Marketing a Regulation A+ campaign requires a great deal of compliance with various regulations and guidelines mandated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

About The Regulations

These regulations cover a wide range of topics including which individuals can participate in the offering, the maximum limit a company can raise, in addition to important advertising and solicitation guidelines that must be followed when executing an investor marketing strategy. PYC is a trusted partner with years of experience marketing and communicating in the capital markets. We help develop investor marketing strategies for Regulation A+ offerings, while ensuring compliance with all relevant SEC and CSA guidelines.

What Is Regulation A+?

Regulation A+ (“Reg A+”) allows for the direct solicitation of unsophisticated and non-accredited investors. In layman's terms, anyone can have access to and invest in an offering. This exemption allows companies to raise between $3 million and $75 million from anyone—regardless of assets and income levels. It has become a popular way for companies to raise larger amounts of capital, without having to go through the expensive filing with the Securities Commission. Reg A+ is known as a mini IPO because it allows companies to build out a large retail investor following and the company provides disclosures and reporting like a public company.
In a nutshell, Reg A+ offers a faster, easier and more diverse potential investor base for the right companies. Consumer-facing companies with well-defined product/service offerings that resonate well with the average investor are well-positioned for Reg A+. Above all, a well-defined company story and a clear strategy for attracting investors will boost a company's chances of success in raising capital with Reg A+.
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Compliance Involves a Multi-Part Approach

Our team of investor experts help you maintain a complaince range through a proven process.

Worried About Compliace?

At Public Yield Capital, our legal counsel keeps up-to-date with securities and advertising regulations to assure compliance for equity crowdfunding (Regulation A+, CF, etc,) and publicly-listed companies.

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