Refine your investment story.
Educate & Attract investors.
Raise capital.

Public Yield Capital is your equity crowdfunding investor marketing partner.


We’ve entered the era of digital and social investing, where #stocktoks are educating investors on Tiktok, Facebook groups discuss early stage companies and Reddit threads are rocking markets.

PYC, founded by one of the pioneers of investor marketing in North America, enables companies to reach these new communities, strengthen investor relations and provide a steady flow of accurate and reliable communications.

Retail investors are important market participants. They behave differently from their accredited counterparts and they behave differently from one another, so a strategic marketing plan will make or break a capital raise. Refining investment stories and attracting the right investors, PYC provides the tools needed to support your stock price, liquidity, and raise capital via investor marketing and communications tactics.

Investor Marketing Expertise

Partnering with PYC grants access to our digital marketing technology, our team consists of marketing strategists, capital markets professionals, copywriters, brand developers and designers. PYC’s program and expertise ensure companies are sending the right messaging to the right investors.

The result? Increased following and raised capital.


How we outreach retail investors.

Public Yield Capital Regulation A+

Regulation A+ Marketing

Regulation A+ can be a fantastic fit for a startup if executed correctly: it allows companies to raise capital from institutional and retail investors, and the ability to raise up to $75 million. Marketing a Reg A+ requires careful planning, highly-effective methods and 360 degree coverage. PYC is accomplished in these markets and specializes in these types of raises–don’t go it alone.

Investor Marketing Partner Public Yield Capital


Program Outline

We take a double-edged approach to raising capital: finding new investors and keeping the current investors. This approach includes:

Streamlined Messaging

Let’s be honest, investors, particularly retail investors, have a short attention span. That’s why it’s crucial to be able to tell your story in a way that’s honest, captivating and to the point.

Digital Makeover

When you’re doing a digital crowdfund in a tech-savvy market, you need to be taking advantage of all the latest channels to attract investment.

Targeted Outreach

Using these messages and tools, we’ll help you run a campaign leading to many new prospects interested in investing in your market.


Raising capital in a highly regulated environment can not only be daunting but also difficult to navigate. With years of experience marketing and communicating in the capital markets, PYC supports companies to ensure compliance with all relevant SEC and CSA guidelines.


The rise in digital technology and the abundance of new investors on the scene make it crucial for public companies to strategically market their offerings. Millions of investors across the US and Canada are using social media and the internet to research investing decisions via Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. Want to raise your stock price? Find these investors. PYC has the knowledge and experience to reach these audiences and effectively communicate investment opportunities.

Four stages of
investor marketing

Stage 1

Refine & Standardize

Identify your investor audience & persona.
Hone your messaging and digital presence.
Build content magnets.

Stage 2


Syndicate and distribute content.
Identify relevant advertising platforms and investing groups.
Investor nurturing via email, instant messaging, and calls.

Stage 3


Optimize lead-gen program and funnels for higher conversion.
Maintain a steady news flow for higher awareness.

Stage 4


Analyze digital metrics and adjust awareness and nurturing tactics.

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