A Great Alternative to Raising Capital in Canada

An Offering Memorandum (OM) exemption is a great alternative to raising capital in Canada.

Don't Go in Without a Strategy

Although such regulatory filings have enabled companies to collect investments from a greater pool of retail investors, reaching these millions of potential investors has proven to be nearly impossible without an effective Offering Memorandum Marketing strategy.

Moreover, with all marketing materials required to be referenced in the OM to ensure uniform liability and disclosure standards, navigating marketing this exemption on a national scale can also be challenging. Public Yield Capital is an investor marketing firm that helps companies leverage the full potential of an Offering Memorandum campaign.

How To Market Your Offering Memorandum

Similar to Regulation A+ marketing, marketing an Offering Memorandum exemption calls for an in-depth understanding of target investors, along with an extensive outreach plan.

Leveraging a powerful digital marketing strategy not only supports the promotion of your investment opportunity, but also helps reach an untapped target market of retail investors. Having a heavy online presence is crucial to building credibility and spreading the word about your company.

During this process, it is also important to keep in mind the regulations pertaining to marketing an Offering Memorandum, as each province is subjected to different rules under the exemption. To those new to investor marketing, raising capital through the OM exemption can be overwhelmingly challenging. Implementing a diverse range of investor marketing strategies, Public Yield Capital helps promote and amplify your message to attract, engage and convert prospective investors.

Introduction To Offering Memorandum

Raising capital across North America has never been easier using the offering memorandum (OM) exemption in Canada and Regulation A+ in the U.S. T

he Offering Memorandum exemption is one of the most significant Canadian regulatory developments of the past few years because it opens up investments from a wider range of investors.

The OM is a legal document that outlines a great deal of a company’s executive summary, business affairs, investor suitability form, and many other legal and marketing materials.
This exemption allows companies at any stage of development to raise capital from retail investors using an offering memorandum instead of a prospectus. Not only is it more cost-effective compared to filing a prospectus, but the annual filing requirements and disclosure standards are also less comprehensive.
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A Multi-Dimensional Approach To Regulation A+ Marketing

The success of a Regulation A+ offering capital raise is largely determined by its marketing and promotion strategy, often requiring investor marketing specialty.

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