Benefit from your Beneficial Owners

Benefit From Your Beneficial Owners

The Investor Outreach Desk is the ultimate solution for public companies looking to enhance shareholder engagement and bolster their stock performance through targeted outreach to shareholders and lookalike audiences.

Our desk provides unparalleled support by systematically engaging with Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners (NOBO list) and potential investors who match their shareholder profile.

With our expertiseb in investor relations and cutting-edge technology, we provide a robust solution that helps build relationships, generate conversations, and move stakeholders closer to your desired outcome.

Increase Share Position, Expand To Lookalike Shareholders

Leverage existing shareholder base
Connect with your existing NOBO list and increase their share position through education and nurturing.
Expand to lookalike audiences
Utilize our technology to expand outreach to new lookalike investor audiences and drive increased shareholder engagement and stock performance.
Scalable with a personal touch
Our omnichannel outreach approach provides scalability with a personal touch, backed by investor relations expertise to ensure each investor has an experience tailored to their interests.

Investor Outreach Desk

Key Features PYC Advantage

Omnichannel outreach (outbound calls, text messaging, emails, chatbots)

Inbound inquiries response during market hours and beyond

Call scripts and investor- knowledge base development

Qualified investor call transfers to the management team as part of our Escalation Matrix

Daily mass outreach to shareholders and lookalike audiences

Tracking, recording, analyzing, and optimizing calls and messaging

A dedicated desk of IR managers with 10+ years of experience

Proactive full-service approach with a dedicated Account Manager

North American team, which operates on your behalf during market hours and beyond.

In-depth understanding of your company story and compliance

State-of-the-art calling desk technology and analytics

Extensive experience with publicly-listed companies across multiple sectors


Compliance is central to our Investor Outreach Desk program. Our call script undergoes meticulous review by independent legal counsel to align with SEC regulations. This ensures consent, proper offering positioning, and educational language for investor due diligence.

We prioritize transparency and integrity, safeguarding clients and fostering trust. Our commitment to compliance enables informed investment decisions.

Read more about Investor Marketing Compliance.

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