regulation A+ Marketing

regulation A+ Marketing

Raising capital through a Regulation A+ exemption has become a popular method, as many companies have successfully raised millions of dollars in investments through this offering from the general public. 70% of companies qualify for a Reg A+ offering with the SEC. However, most offerings fail due to the ineffective marketing of their Reg A+, coupled with the inability to appeal to investors. This calls for an extensive Regulation A+ Marketing strategy, which will not only help promote and build awareness around your investment opportunity but also successfully convert investors into shareholders. 

How to market your Regulation A+ offering?

Marketing a Reg A+ offering shares similar principles to a traditional consumer marketing model, however, the key differentiating factor is the investor-focused approach. Without an expert at hand, the challenge lies in reaching and marketing to a promising pool of target investors, while navigating the strict SEC Advertising Regulations pertaining to referencing securities offering. With extensive Reg A+ marketing experience for various early-stage to public companies, Public Yield Capital delivers a wide range of investor marketing solutions to successfully convert investors and support your capital raise. 

What is Regulation A+? 

Regulation A+ (“Reg A+”) allows for the direct solicitation of unsophisticated and non-accredited investors. In layman's terms, anyone can have access to and invest in an offering. This exemption allows companies to raise between $3 million and $75 million from anyoneregardless of assets and income levels. It has become a popular way for companies to raise larger amounts of capital, without having to go through the expensive filing with the Securities Commission. Reg A+ is known as a mini IPO because it allows companies to build out a large retail investor following and the company provides disclosures and reporting like a public company.

Regulation A Marketing

In a nutshell, Reg A+ offers a faster, easier and more diverse potential investor base for the right companies. Consumer-facing companies with well-defined product/service offerings that resonate well with the average investor are well-positioned for Reg A+. Above all, a well-defined company story and a clear strategy for attracting investors will boost a company's chances of success in raising capital with Reg A+.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Regulation A+ Marketing

The success of a Regulation A+ offering capital raise is largely determined by its marketing and promotion strategy, often requiring investor marketing specialty. Public Yield Capital takes a multi-dimensional approach to Reg A+ marketing with several touch points across various funnels, to provide consistent communication and nurture investors. This process involves a combination of: identifying a targeted group of retail investors, an effective investment positioning strategy, developing content magnets, and conducting investor outreach and nurturing through various channels. Through delivering content, resources and investment-related collateral, the overall objective serves to reach, educate, nurture, and convert prospective investors. With a diverse range of initiatives from corporate positioning and retail investor outreach to media buy and one-on-one calls with an investor relations representative, PYC aims to strengthen and expand your shareholder base. 

Positioning your Reg A+ Offering as an Attractive Investment for Retail Investors

No Reg A+ Marketing campaign can be successful without an effective brand messaging strategy. Being the most fundamental process for all clients, Public Yield Capital takes pride in our ability to develop a comprehensive understanding of client offerings, inside and out. This involves conducting a thorough analysis of the market landscape, current challenges in the competitive industry, business model, unique value propositions and investor personas. Consequently, we are able to craft a relevant, yet one-of-a-kind brand story to create an emotional and rational connection with target investors. Refining brand messaging will allow for a successful company positioning, alongside stronger brand equity and increased perception of value among investors. The corporate communication plan will serve as an overarching guide throughout the Reg A+ Marketing process to effectively articulate the investment opportunity—in an easily digestible, yet impactful manner.

Building a Promising Crowd of High-Priority, Target Investors

Generally, an investor is most likely to invest in a company that aligns with their interests, values and many other investment criterias. For example, some investors may prefer investments in Small-Cap, early-stage, high-growth stocks, while others may be more risk-averse and prefer investing in promising, Large-Cap stocks. Thus, it is crucial to understand such investing parameters to identify a promising crowd of high-priority, target investors. Public Yield Capital takes a focused approach in building the right investor personas to accurately select investor profiles and predict investing behaviours, objectives, among other characteristics. This will allow for a more targeted marketing approach, being able to identify what type of content, message, and channels must be leveraged to capture the attention of these prospective investors. Ultimately, this will support our investor outreach strategy and result in higher conversion and engagement rates, while maximizing efficiency and resources by avoiding pursuing “wrong fit” investors.

Producing Relevant Content Assets to Educate Investors About your Investment Offering

In this stage, Public Yield Capital produces various company and industry-relevant content for clients. This is broken down into identity assets, which primarily educate investors, and creative assets, content that will be used during investor outreach and lead generation efforts. Such assets not only provide investors information, but also both boost organic and paid traffic to capture the attention of prospective investors and raise company profiles.

Identity Assets:

Investor Deck Concept & Development


Investor Relations Website Design & Development

Creative Assets:

Company Logo

Corporate Video

Ad Banners


Press Coverage


Conducting Investor Outreach & Generating Investor Leads

Leveraging all identity, creative assets, and Public Yield Capital proprietary databases and marketing technology, we take a proactive approach in reaching these target investors and building awareness regarding the investment opportunity. The lead generation process involves executing various organic, paid media, and investor outreach campaigns. Followed by a targeted investor nurturing series, we are able to maintain consistent and reliable engagement with investors. This not only stimulates interest from investors, but also helps convert leads—all tracked through various KPIs including landing page impressions, website traffic, investor deck downloads, scheduled calls with our IR calling desk representatives, and many other metrics. Ultimately resulting in a raised company profile, expanded shareholder base, and increased capital.

Instantly Communicate with Prospective Investors

PYC’s marketing automation technology enables instant communication with a large group of target investors, through an automated direct message delivered on various social channels. This strategy involves a multivariate approach; through crafting a variation of messages to test engagement performances, track metrics, and implementing the highest scoring solution for distribution. With a CTA included, this process serves to educate, engage, and convert investors.

a quick overview:

Phase 1:

Step 1

Corporate Communication Plan

Step 2

Investor Deck Concept & Development

Step 3


Step 4

Investor Relations Website Layout & Development

Phase 2:

Step 1

Content production

Step 2

Lead gen & Awareness assets


Investor nurture email campaign

Step 4

IR calling desk setup

Step 5

Launch & reporting

with the regulation a+ guide you will understand:

with the regulation a+ guide you will understand:

download the complete regulation a+ guide

and find out if reg A+ is right for your company.

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