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Find Success Through Regulation A+

Raising capital through a Regulation A+ exemption has become a popular method, as many companies have successfully raised millions of dollars in investments through this offering from the general public.

Why do most offers fail?

Most offerings fail due to the ineffective marketing of their Reg A+, coupled with the inability to appeal to investors. This calls for an extensive Regulation A+ Marketing strategy, which will not only help promote and build awareness around your investment opportunity but also successfully convert investors into shareholders.

How To Market Your Regulation A+ Offering?

Marketing a Reg A+ offering shares similar principles to a traditional consumer marketing model, however, the key differentiating factor is the investor-focused approach.

Without an expert at hand, the challenge lies in reaching and marketing to a promising pool of target investors, while navigating the strict SEC Advertising Regulations pertaining to referencing securities offering.

With extensive Reg A+ marketing experience for various early-stage to public companies, Public Yield Capital delivers a wide range of investor marketing solutions to successfully convert investors and support your capital raise.
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What Is Regulation A+?

Regulation A+ (“Reg A+”) allows for the direct solicitation of unsophisticated and non-accredited investors. In layman's terms, anyone can have access to and invest in an offering.

This exemption allows companies to raise between $3 million and $75 million from anyone—regardless of assets and income levels. It has become a popular way for companies to raise larger amounts of capital, without having to go through the expensive filing with the Securities Commission.

Reg A+ is known as a mini IPO because it allows companies to build out a large retail investor following and the company provides disclosures and reporting like a public company.
In a nutshell, Reg A+ offers a faster, easier and more diverse potential investor base for the right companies. Consumer-facing companies with well-defined product/service offerings that resonate well with the average investor are well-positioned for Reg A+.

Above all, a well-defined company story and a clear strategy for attracting investors will boost a company's chances of success in raising capital with Reg A+.
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A Multi-Dimensional Approach To Regulation A+ Marketing

The success of a Regulation A+ offering capital raise is largely determined by its marketing and promotion strategy, often requiring investor marketing specialty.

Considering Reg. A+?

Don't go in blind - Download our Regulation A+ Marketing Guide to find out if Reg A+ is right for your company.

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