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Retail investors require a different approach to typical investors. Their knowledge of investing can vary which can provide an opportunity to educate them about equity crowdfunding, your company and its investment potential.

Retail investors are attracted to companies whose mission and products or services speak to their personal interests and values. Identifying those interests in advance and tailoring your messaging to them will set you up for success. Our team goes in-depth to help you develop your corporate identity and messaging and hone in on your investor personas.
Creating supportive investor marketing assets is only one piece of the puzzle. You might have the best-designed website and social media profiles, but if no one is seeing them it’s pointless. Our distribution strategy is data-driven leveraging marketing software and technologies to ensure the maximum exposure for your company. We are continually collecting and analyzing results to adapt and improve your campaign efforts and generate more leads.

Our Values Define Our Brand

At Public Yield Capital, we pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with our clients. With the success of your company in mind, we set our standards high to ensure that we meet your expectations.

A People-First Culture

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