In-depth Insights About Investor Sentiment

Investor Sentiment Report (ISR) is a trailblazing digital platform specializing in delivering in-depth insights about investor sentiment towards public companies and their stocks.

The Digital and Social Investing Landscape

Operating in the heart of the digital and social investing landscape, ISR understands the transformative power of online dialogues on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Reddit, and how they shape the investment ecosystem.

By capitalizing on the immediacy and vastness of the online world, ISR brings invaluable insights right to the inboxes of busy executives, helping to shape communication strategies and support stock liquidity and price stability.

Innovative Technology

ISR's unique strength lies in its innovative use of Media Intelligence API technology, allowing it to crawl over 13 billion web pages daily.

This advanced technology captures every mention of a company's stock, identifying and tracking conversations via keyword detection, and covering a wide variety of channels including social media, news outlets, blogs, forums, and more.

ISR's solution, developed under the subsidiary of Public Yield Capital, not only monitors but also translates this colossal amount of data into concise, easily digestible reports. With a focus on supporting informed decision-making and optimizing investor relations communication, ISR is a powerful tool for any public company looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of its online reputation.

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