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The Investor Outreach Desk is an essential solution for companies
looking to raise capital through Regulation A+, Reg CF, and other
equity crowdfunding offerings.

Our desk is designed to help companies reach a high volume of investors and engage with them on a personal level.

Our unparalleled expertise in equity crowdfunding and investor relations
enables the offering of comprehensive and "last mile" solutions for companies that aim to raise capital and establish long-lasting relationships with their investors.

Key Benefits

Ability to call a large volume of investors
The Investor Outreach Desk is specifically designed to reach out to a high volume of retail investors, ensuring that your company's equity crowdfunding campaign reaches hundreds and thousands of potential retail investors.
Equity Crowdfunding Expertise
Our team has a deep understanding of the equity crowdfunding landscape and the various regulations and guidelines that must be followed. We provide comprehensive guidance on everything from preparing your offering materials to supporting investors throughout their subscription and investment journey.
Investor Relations Expertise
In addition to our equity crowdfunding expertise, our IR team is committed to educating and supporting investors throughout the subscription process, all while ensuring compliance and cultivating an engaged and well-informed investor base.

How it Works

The Investor Outreach Desk provides a comprehensive outreach and engagement program.
Based on experience, previous campaign data, and historical investor engagements, the outreach
program includes an omnichannel approach to maximize investor reach and engagement:

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