The first official step to pursuing a Reg A+ offering is to file Form 1-A also known as the Regulation A+ Offering Statement. This document serves as a notice of the proposed offering, waiving registration requirements for the next 12 month period.

Form 1-A requires disclosure of the following items:

  1. Issuer Information: information about the issuer’s identity, industry, number of employees, financial statements, capital structure, contact information etc.
  2. Issuer Eligibility: the issuer must certify that it meets various eligibility criteria.
  3. “Bad actor” disqualification: the issuer must certify that no disqualifying events have occurred that are in violation of criminal or securities laws.
  4. Summary of the Offering.
  5. Jurisdictions in which the securities will be offered.
  6. Unregistered Securities: disclosure of unregistered issuances or sales of securities within the last year.
What is Form 1A?

 Form 1-A must be filed no later than 21 days before the offering statement is qualified by the SEC. Read more about the Regulation A+ offering circular here.

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