Top 10 Equity crowdfunding Platforms

A Regulation CF or equity crowdfunding campaign must be done through a registered crowdfunding platform. There are about 50 equity crowdfunding platforms registered with the SEC yet only about 20 that are active. Here are our top 10!

  1. Republic: 80% of Regulation CF funds raised in 2020 came from WeFundr, StartEngine, and Republic.
  2. Startengine: allows everyday people to invest and buy shares in startups and early stage companies.
  3. Wefunder: minimum investment thresholds can be as low as $100 – though most offerings require at least $500 or $1,000.
  4. Seedinvest: specializes in “highly vetted investment opportunities” as it only accepts 1% of applicant companies.
  5. YieldStreet: alternative investments across multiple asset classes.
  6. YieldTalk: real estate, equity crowdfunding, loans, litigation finance, fine art, wine, and more.
  7. EquityNet: claims to hold the only patent for a crowdfunding platform.
  8. FrontFundr: leading equity crowdfunding platform in Canada.
  9. Crowdfund: focuses on innovative consumer products, consumables, and other non-traditional niches.
  10. PeerRealty: equity crowdfunding for real estate.
Top 10 Equity crowdfunding Platforms

Registering on equity crowdfunding platforms doesn’t necessarily mean that your raise will be a success. Platforms are restricted in their marketing efforts so take your raise into your own hands! Read more about marketing for equity crowdfunding here.

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