Investor Relations Calling Desk

Investor Relations Calling Desk to support your funding

Public Yield Capital offers an Investor Relations Calling Desk solution that outreaches hundreds and thousands of potential investors to support your funding.

Investor Relations Calling Desk

Why we created
the Investor Calling Desk

It is essential to continually follow up and connect with investors. People are overwhelmed by their overflowing email inboxes and communication gets lost in the crowd. There is nothing quite like the personal touch of a phone call and talking to a real person. Calls are still the most successful method to connect with and educate investors to best achieve results. A critical tool in successful investor relations, managing a calling desk can prove difficult due to:

Lack of a dedicated IR person to follow up and keep shareholders/potential investors up-to-date

Not being able to deliver an engaging company story

Not having proper systems in place to manage databases and track the dispositions of the calls

Calling a database is a full-time position

Inability to analyze what communications are (and are not) working

Hiring an IR person is expensive

Connecting with large numbers of investors individually is a time-consuming process that can detract valuable time from a company's operations. Many companies lack the internal resources to carry out this task and are missing out on valuable leads.

Why Do you need
A Dedicated IR Calling Desk?

Managing investor leads requires continuous management, nurturing, and a lot of time. The goals of the Calling Desk are to:

Investor Relations Calling Desk

An IR Calling Desk to compliment
your Investor Relations person

The IR Calling Desk is a team of experienced IR professionals who represent the issuer; they provide inbound and outbound support to follow up with and manage investor databases and communications. We take the pressure off your IR team and allow them to focus on your strategy and communications.

We adopt a data-driven approach, incorporating technology-enabled communication with targeted analytics to ensure issuer success. The program is designed to nurture and educate potential investors, and escalate relevant and high potential calls with sell-side analysts, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors.

What we do

Our team develops a vast understanding of client offerings and a detailed call script to successfully engage with existing databases and report on their success. We handle both outbound and inbound calls. Using reports and analytics enables us to continually update and improve our methods to identify any communication gaps. A combination of the following services can be tailor-made to suit our client’s individual needs. Ensuring lead quality is paramount to success and we will conduct continuous inbound lead analysis to ensure we are reaching the leads with the best potential and optimizing our efforts accordingly.

Inbound calls

The inbound service will provide a timely response to all incoming calls from shareholders and potential investors during market hours. A specialist grasp of Capital Markets and up-to-date knowledge of the client enables us to deliver company stories in an effective, engaging manner. This is a continuously evolving process that demands keeping up to date with all recent client press releases and monitoring FAQ questions that may arise. Our monthly reach for the client is capable of exceeding thousands of leads. However, ensuring lead quality is paramount to success and we will conduct continuous inbound lead analysis to ensure we are reaching the leads with the best potential and refine our efforts accordingly.
The benefits of our inbound service are:

Investor Relations Calling Desk

outbound calls

Waiting for the phone ring is not a comprehensive strategy. Outbound calls are an essential part of an approach to client success. Utilizing existing lists of contacts/potential investors and reaching out personally shows investors and shareholders that you value their involvement and commitment to the client. As with inbound, the same principles apply. Ensuring a specialist grasp of Capital Markets and up-to-date knowledge of the company in order to tell each story in an effective, engaging manner.

Omni Channel

With increasingly busy day-to-day lives, keeping up with news and updates can be very time-consuming and difficult. The ability to reach investors on the phone, laptop, or smartphone increases our success rate. With this in mind, we will leverage multiple communication channels and formats, to increase the chances of reaching and connecting with as many investors as possible. We adopt and continually develop the communication channels that we offer to clients.

Utilizing software, we are able to enhance and even automate many of the processes.

Investor Relations Calling Desk

Data Analytics

Investor outreach is vital to a successful raise–but it doesn’t have to consume all your time and resources. Our investor relation calling center relies on technology and infrastructure that allows us to track and optimize our overall investor outreach efforts.

We use this data analysis to ensure our outreach efforts are targeted, focused and hitting key targets. By gathering investor call data such as call disposition and recordings, we are able to provide valuable insights to help reduce media buy spend, address investors' frequent questions, and refine your stock story.

Stock performance during program:

Case Study

Gage Growth Corp. tasked us with generating awareness and attracting retail investors for their investment opportunity. From the Testing the Waters stage to post-IPO filing, we used our extensive experience in investor marketing to attract potential investors to this rapidly expanding company. In just over three months, we connected with over 5,000 potential investors as we supported Gage’s $50M raise.

Stock performance during program:

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

At PYC, ensuring governance, risk and compliance lie at the core of our operations. The introduction of new laws and regulations has not only added complexities to the capital markets but also increased the exposure to potential liabilities for many firms. The IR Calling Desk adheres to an internal compliance management framework, emphasizing a greater degree of transparency, accountability, and sound corporate governance. 

Offering services to support our client’s governance, risk, and compliance efforts include:

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