Public Yield Capital is an Investor Marketing Partner

Pre-IPO & Public Companies Marketing

Running a public company is tough: between grappling with various investor strategies, costly and complicated regulatory requirements, and 24/7 media coverage, there are many moving parts that require a lot of attention. Creating and maintaining an effective marketing and communications strategy is crucial to selling stocks.

Finding your audience, honing your messaging, delivering that message to your audience… Marketing your investment opportunity is a full-time job in itself. PYC has the knowledge and experience to help deliver better communication between public companies and their shareholders. We’re committed to generating qualified leads, establishing consistent communication with your investors, and establishing data-driven web traffic.

The investor ecosystem

Retail investors are important market participants. They behave differently from their accredited counterparts and they behave differently from one another, so a strategic marketing plan will make or break a capital raise. Refining investment stories and attracting the right investors, PYC provides the tools needed to support your stock price, liquidity, and raise capital via investor marketing and communications tactics.

We’ve entered the era of digital and social investing, where #stocktoks are educating investors on Tiktok, Facebook groups discuss early-stage companies and Reddit threads are rocking markets. PYC, founded by one of the pioneers of investor marketing in North America, enables companies to reach these new communities, strengthen investor relations and provide a steady flow of accurate and reliable communications.

We use data-driven digital marketing tactics for every stage of your investor journey to help organizations and businesses with their capital raises.

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The leading equity crowdfunding investor marketing partner.

Investor marketing Program

Partnering with PYC grants access to our digital marketing technology. Our team consists of marketing strategists, capital markets professionals, copywriters, brand developers, and designers. PYC’s Investor Marketing Program produces first-rate, investor-focused content to help you tell the story of your stock.PYC’s program and expertise ensure companies are sending the right messaging to the right investors. The result? Increased following and raised capital.

Here are some of our secret ingredients:

Looking to raise investor awareness and capital?

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