Regulation A+ is a great alternative to an IPO because it is cheaper and involves less paperwork. This doesn’t mean that you can do it yourself. There is an army of professionals that you need along the way to help make your raise a success. Use our list below as a checklist.

Regulation A+ Checklist: The 6 Professionals You Need For A Reg A+ Capital Raise


Are one of the most important advisors to you. There is so much paperwork and compliance behind any capital raise that it will drive you crazy! Securities lawyers are in charge of drafting the offering, documentation, compliance, communications guidelines etc. 


Not only do they help make your company run but they also must continuously disclose financial statements and participate in audits. More paperwork!


The registered financial intermediary that will structure the deal. Eight states have regulations in place that you cannot raise capital with Reg A+ without one.

Transfer Agents

When an investor becomes a shareholder, you probably won’t be running around delivering the shares! They handle maintaining and tracking financial records such as transactions, certificates, ownership etc. 

Distribution Platforms

This is compulsory when engaging in a Regulation CF offering. Platforms have a database of investors and other resources but they do not do any proactive marketing, so be careful to solely rely on them.  There are about 50 registered platforms where issuers can choose to post their offering such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.


The biggest disadvantage of Reg A+ is that it is solely up to the issuer to market the offering. Either through friends and family, word-of-mouth, or engaging an investor marketing firm. Getting the word out is the most critical part to the success of a capital raise as only ⅓ of offerings reach their goal amount. Read more about investor marketing for Regulation A+.

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