Top investor marketing firm shares crucial information about raising capital with Regulation A+.

Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – August 30, 2021) – ​​Public Yield Capital, the leading digital marketing firm for capital raises and equity crowdfunding, published its latest whitepaper, entitled “Raising Capital with Regulation A+”. The whitepaper offers C-suite executives and entrepreneurs a comprehensive overview of all the information needed prior to pursuing a Regulation A+ capital raise, including various tier regulations, typical timeline of events, and important team members necessary for a successful raise.

Public Yield Capital has a seasoned team of financial and digital marketing experts with years of industry experience raising capital for Regulation A+ and public companies alike.

In its latest whitepaper, Public Yield Capital shares:

○ The 3 titles of the JOBS Act

○ Who should (and who can’t) use Regulation A+

○ Testing the Water Option

○ Current Trends

The Regulation A+ Marketing Guide is available for C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and others who are looking to raise capital at

Public Yield Capital

Public Yield Capital is a leading investor marketing partner specializing in Capital Markets, equity crowdfunding, and Regulation A+. Public Yield Capital offers investor marketing, corporate communications, and investor technology solutions to support innovative companies in positioning their investment opportunities, increasing corporate and stock awareness, and raising capital. Public Yield Capital is disrupting the retail investment landscape by helping companies build networks and leverage the power of retail investors using innovative digital marketing tactics.

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