Specializing in retail investor relations omnichannel outreach, Public Yield Capital announced its acquisition of a Chicago-based Investor Relations technology platform to advance its investor marketing and support capital raise efforts of early-stage, pre-IPO and publicly-listed companies. 

Vancouver, BC, December 23, 2021 – Public Yield Capital (“PYC” or the “Company”) announced its recent acquisition of a Chicago-based Investor Relations firm’s platform specializing in retail investor omnichannel outreach. The acquisition of its technology and investor outreach solution will accelerate Public Yield Capital’s mission to connect and nurture relations with thousands of retail investors and support the capital raise of privately-held and public corporations. 


“Retail investors are fundamental participants of a capital raise for equity crowdfunding campaigns, and play a crucial role in building the market value of securities and the overall stock market. While traditional IR firms mostly target high-net-worth individuals, brokers, and institutional investors, Public Yield Capital specializes in reaching hundreds and thousands of retail investors and harnessing their collective potential to support funding and drive stock value,” said Spiros Bakopanos, CEO and President of PYC.

With inbound and outbound calling, chats, and direct messaging, the Investor Relations Calling Desk provides proactive, high volume, systematic, and compliant communications with shareholders and retail investors. Leveraging the latest communication technologies, PYC takes a data-driven approach to maximize efficiency with direct investor communications. 

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This powerful Investor Relations Calling Desk solution can be utilized by pre-IPO and public clients with small or no IR teams. The IR Calling Desk is also available for startups and investor relations firms, as it is designed to work within the existing company infrastructure and complement current practices while streamlining investor communication efforts for clients. 

Learn more about the Investor Relations Calling Desk solution, click here.


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Public Yield Capital is a leading investor marketing partner specializing in Capital Markets, equity crowdfunding, and Regulation A+. Public Yield Capital offers investor marketing, corporate communications, and investor technology solutions to support innovative companies in positioning their investment opportunities, increasing corporate and stock awareness, and raising capital. Public Yield Capital is disrupting the retail investment landscape by helping companies build networks and leverage the power of retail investors using innovative digital marketing tactics. 

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