Toronto, ON – August 9, 2023 Public Yield Capital (PYC) proudly announces the expansion of its comprehensive investor relations outreach solutions, designed to empower startups and public companies in their capital-raising endeavors.

investor relations outreach solutions to insitutional

As part of this expansion, PYC introduces its latest offering, the Institutional Investor Outreach Desk, aimed at helping startups and growth companies connect with capable institutional investors for funding opportunities. This new solution complements PYC’s existing Investor Outreach Desk for Equity Crowdfunding and Investor Outreach Desk for Public Companies, which have already proven instrumental in supporting successful fundraising campaigns.

The Investor Outreach Desk for Equity Crowdfunding is an essential tool for companies seeking to raise capital through Regulation A+, Reg CF, Reg D, and other equity crowdfunding offerings. Leveraging targeted marketing campaigns, strategic messaging, and AI-powered chatbots, businesses can connect with a wide network of retail investors and unlock opportunities for successful fundraising.

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For public companies looking to enhance shareholder engagement, the Investor Outreach Desk for Public Companies provides a tailored solution. Through targeted outreach to shareholders and lookalike audiences, businesses can strengthen investor relations and foster long-term connections with stakeholders.

“We are excited to enhance our suite of solutions, catering to the unique needs of startups and public companies,” said Manuj Grover, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at Public Yield Capital. “PYC’s investor relations outreach solutions are designed to optimize visibility, drive investor interest, and support businesses in reaching their capital-raising goals.”

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With a proven track record of delivering impactful results, PYC has become a go-to firm and platform for companies seeking to raise capital through equity crowdfunding or stock awareness. By expanding its offerings, PYC continues to revolutionize how businesses connect with investors, providing them with the tools they need for successful fundraising.

Discover the power of PYC’s Investor Outreach Desks and unlock a world of opportunities for your capital-raising journey.

To learn more about these solutions and how they can benefit your company, visit our link to investor outreach desk for equity crowdfunding.

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