Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

As a leading investor marketing firm, Public Yield Capital’s success can be attributed to our experience and expertise across a wide array of industries and verticals. Collaborating with clients across a range of sectors, we have developed specialist knowledge of investor behaviors, investor marketing tactics and the challenges involved with raising capital in a competitive industry.

Our team consists of professional industry experts with a proven track record of helping clients develop creative investor-targeted content, implement effective marketing campaigns and generate investor leads to support equity crowdfunding efforts. 

Real Estate

Ranked as one of the top-performing asset classes throughout history, the real estate market is a massive industry generating billions of dollars in annual revenue. Although its market performance fluctuates depending on macroeconomic trends, real estate is a fairly promising industry due to the infinite demand for office locations and homes. This factor not only provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on, but it promises a steady flow of income for real estate investors. In fact, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have become a popular investment choice among retail investors to generate income without having to directly purchase property, and have exceeded $3 trillion in gross assets in the U.S.

One may wonder, why are real estate investors so attracted to this asset class? Real estate offers reliable and high dividend yield, long-term capital appreciation, attractive returns, portfolio diversification and reduced risk — due to their low correlation with many other assets. These qualities deem real estate as a competitive industry, making it much more difficult for companies to navigate and favourably position themselves in front of investors. However, a successful real estate marketing strategy with a targeted investor marketing approach would help tackle this challenge. With our real estate marketing expertise, we support companies convey their value proposition towards ideal real estate investors and support capital growth.


Cannabis is the most extensively cultivated, distributed, and consumed drug today. It is also one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, primarily due to the newly discovered medical benefits of CBD (a chemical compound found in cannabis). Cannabis is being used to treat chronic illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and depression. This has led to the recent legalization of cannabis in many different countries, including Canada and 35 US states — permitting both recreational and medical usages in some. This legalization along with the increase in consumer demand in the U.S. market has demonstrated the potential for long-term growth in the cannabis industry. This growth was further suggested by the 2020 global cannabis market valuation, at $9 billion with a forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.7% between 2021 and 2028.

The increasingly promising cannabis industry has not only captured the attention of manufacturers, researchers, and consumers, but it has also been of interest to many investors. For instance, large corporations including Constellation Brands have purchased multibillion-dollar holdings into the cannabis market due to its long-term growth potential. Although there is great demand for the market, executing a successful cannabis marketing strategy can be difficult for cannabis companies due to the strict regulations and monitoring associated with the drug. This results in limited access to potential investors and funding. Therefore, understanding the behaviours of cannabis investors is important to effectively market to these investors without getting banned or blacklisted on channels. With our expertise in CBD and cannabis marketing, we can help solve these challenges by leveraging integrated marketing campaigns to reach target cannabis investors and raise capital.


eSports refers to the competitive video gaming among both professional and amateur gamers. Over time, eSports has evolved into its own sports category, transforming a niche market into a mainstream form of entertainment. These competitive gaming events revolutionized entertainment culture, especially among male millennials. A few notable companies that have made a large impact in the rising popularity of eSports include Electronic Arts Inc. and Nintendo Co. Despite the COVID lockdown taking a tremendous toll on the economy, it limited access to entertainment options which helped the eSports industry thrive. This resulted in a global 50% increase from 2020 valued at 1.08 billion USD in 2021, forecasted to grow to 1.62 Billion by 2024. With the use of advertisements and sponsorships during eSports streams and broadcasts, it has also become a powerful marketing medium.

Live streaming and gaming have created momentum in the social community of eSports. As a result, there is an inclusive mainstream gaming culture. The pop-culturalization of esports has captured the attention of brands, media outlets, consumers, and global investors. This culminated in the immense growth of esports revenue and investment. These investors include venture capitalists, private equity firms, retail investors, and avid members of the eSports community. Our team is well acquainted and skilled in the marketing of the eSport industry. We help build the right investor profile and create creative marketing content that will stimulate interest, awareness and lead investor generations.


The Plant-Based industry has grown exponentially with sales rising by 43% over the past two years, surpassing $7 billion in 2021. This market is driven by the prevailing cultural shift towards veganism; attributed to health concerns and rising awareness of relevant ethical and environmental issues surrounding meat consumption. Consumers are becoming more educated about the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet and the diseases associated with animal-based meat such as diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, ethical concerns arise from animal abuse in farming practices alongside heavy methane emissions breaking down the atmosphere.

Major food manufacturing companies and startups have introduced new products into the plant-based industry, rapidly supported by the billions of dollars invested into the market. Consequently, the variety of plant-based food options has captured the interest of ample investors looking to be part of the market as they witness more companies like Beyond Meat succeed. Impact investors are now recognizing the positive outcomes of plant-based foods on global health and environmental sustainability. When it comes to plant-based marketing, crafting the right message is crucial because the terms “vegan” and “plant-based” have become overly diluted with the rising competition. At PYC, we help craft a unique, authentic and impactful story with a strategic plant-based marketing approach to reach ideal plant-based investors.


Technology plays a vital role in modern society as it is heavily integrated into every sector. Not only does it affect the way we communicate, learn, and work, but the continuous innovations from artificial intelligence, Saas, IoT, to self-driving technologies are revolutionizing the world. COVID has demonstrated increasing dependence on technology. The push towards digitalization has led to the increasing adoption of technology among corporations and consumers. In 2021, the global tech industry was estimated to be valued at $5 trillion, with the U.S. holding a third of its market share. Being the largest single segment of the market, technology plays a significant role in the capital markets — with the Big Five Tech Giants capturing 15% of the S&P 500 index.

The continual stream of growth and long-term potential driven by ongoing research & development alongside the pipeline of new products and services has made FAANG and various technology stocks a popular investment opportunity among Wall Street and retail investors. Technology investors are often divided into two groups, growth investors and income investors. Income investors tend to purchase shares in well-established companies that offer dividend payments. Growth investors invest in early-stage companies with value and long-term growth opportunities. Our technology marketing professionals will help articulate growth-oriented value propositions in an effective, yet meaningful way to engage with technology investors and nurture leads.


Fintech is a newly emerging industry integrating technology into financial services and applications to enhance the consumer experience. It serves various markets including retail banking, fundraising, and investment management. The rise of Fintech start-ups has revolutionized the banking industry through payment systems like PayPal to bitcoin crypto-currencies. Declared as one of the fastest-growing industries in the 21st century, the Global Fintech market value is anticipated to reach $305 billion by 2025, with an expected CAGR of 20%. The rapid growth has made Fintech an attractive investment opportunity for private equity, growth and retail investors.

Since the industry is still relatively new, navigating the Fintech marketing landscape is often challenging, especially when competing with large traditional banking companies. PYC’s proven expertise in Fintech marketing will not only help understand investor needs and expectations, but also develop a powerful branding message that will engage Fintech investors.


The healthcare sector contains a wide range of businesses, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, healthcare facilities, and other provisions for patients. They are growing at a faster rate than the entire global economy, with over $7.8 trillion invested in the sector. Accounting for nearly one-fifth of the GDP, healthcare is by far one of the largest sectors in the U.S. economy. The high demand is fueled by the ageing baby boomer population and the rise of new diseases such as COVID-19. Due to the inelastic demand for healthcare services, ability to survive economic recessions, less volatile nature, and rising growth prospects, the industry has been an attractive investment opportunity for investors.

Although the healthcare industry does not capture a dominant market share like FAANG stocks, they provide healthcare investors a long-term investment opportunity. However, with healthcare being a highly regulated and complex sector, companies often face difficulties articulating their services and value offerings in a simple and impactful manner to healthcare investors. As a leading investor marketing firm, PYC offers integrated healthcare marketing solutions to not only educate prospects about the offerings, but also craft an engaging message to convert investor leads.


Although the real estate industry is the world’s largest asset class, it has been suffering from a delay in technology integration. However, with the rise of Proptech, short for property technology, the industry is growing many startups that are innovating the commercial real estate landscape. They are minimizing inefficiencies through developing software and applications to improve the way property is built, maintained and purchased. Combining robust technology with property technology, the industry is moving into a new niche propelling it forward. Driving unprecedented interest from investing communities, there are great opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the untapped technology in the real estate market and prompt significant growth.

Many PropTech startups have secured valuations exceeding $1 billion dollars such as Homelink and OpenDoor Labs. While providing long-term solutions to the inefficiencies in real estate, Proptech investors are recognizing the value in the digital transformation of the industry. However, with it also being a newly emerging market, many investors lack awareness and understanding of Proptech. PYC offers creative PropTech marketing solutions to educate investors, raise awareness, and drive investor leads, in ways conventional social and paid advertising cannot achieve.


The global pandemic has left an impact on all our lives, especially on mental wellbeing. Lockdown and social isolation have led to a spike in mental health issues among the general population. According to decades of research, psychedelics have been proven effective in treating mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. There has been a surge of biotech startups with the recent approval from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct several clinical trials with LSD and psilocybin for mental health treatment. Similar to cannabis, the psychedelics industry has been growing at a rapid rate due to its destigmatization and mental health benefits. The industry is projected to reach $10 Billion USD by 2027.

The increase in research and government acceptance has investors gravitating towards this new sector. It is stimulating interest from high net worth individuals, cannabis investors, family offices and retail investors. As opposed to cannabis, there are reduced policy risks associated with Psychedelics because they will be legalized in a medical context rather than for recreational usage. When deploying psychedelic marketing, it is important to strategically position your brand to highlight these value offerings persuasively. With our expertise, we support companies build awareness and interest from engaged psychedelic investors.


The mining industry consists of the extraction and processing of natural resources from global mineral reserves. This sector plays a major role in the economy as it provides the foundation for almost every other industry. For example, the mining of metals is extremely important for high-tech applications. The mining industry is heavily influenced by global economic conditions. They rely on other industries to use their resources and experience downturns during recessions. However, as the economy continues to grow, mineral consumption per capita increases. The demand is increasing exponentially while available supply is becoming scarce, driving up stock prices. Thus, the mining industry has been a preferred long-term investment choice among both institutional and retail investors.

Marketing in the mining industry can prove to be a challenge. It is difficult to identify ideal media channels and compose the proper message to appeal to mining investors. Thus, it is important to provide a consistent flow of valuable information and brand messaging to engage the audience. At PYC, we help mining companies deliver the right information on an ongoing basis to build brand publicity and establish credibility.

Extended Reality (virtual and augmented reality)

Extended reality is innovating the way we shop, entertain, and work. It offers a full spectrum of experiences from virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. The rapid transformation of digital technology allows for the integration of extended reality into our real-world applications. It is being used to enhance education, automotive, gaming, and healthcare. This has led to significant growth and increasing investments, expected to reach a market size of over $1000 billion by 2035.

Every business can benefit from extended reality, making it a revolutionary industry. This has proved to be a great investment opportunity, attracting the interest of many retail investors. When it comes to extended reality marketing, we implement a data-driven approach, to identify these investors and further branding and crowdfunding efforts. As a whole, our team develops meaningful campaigns that convey persuasive stories and attract extended reality investors.

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