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Public Yeild Capital is a leading investor marketing partner specializing in equity crowdfunding to support innovative companies raising corporate awareness and their capital.

Investing has been reserved for the wealthiest Americans only with no option for the everyday investor to benefit from rising startups. Since 2012, Regulation A+ presents an exciting opportunity for companies to raise capital in the US and widens the net significantly to who can invest in them. The United States Government created the JOBS (Jumpstart your Business Act) in 2012. Part of this Act was called Regulation A+, allowing companies to raise between $3M and $75M.

Since Regulation A+ was passed, it has significantly opened up the investment landscape to a broader range of retail investors. Previously, investors were eliminated from opportunities due to their assets or income levels not qualifying them to invest. With Reg A+, investors can invest much smaller amounts, receiving a piece of ownership of the company, usually in shares. Depending on the success of the company and its potential to go public or be sold, they can then make higher returns on their investment.

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Companies that use equity crowdfunding can be at any stage as long as the use of funds is clearly outlined in their marketing materials. The importance of an engaging story, attractive brand, and other content like corporate video to present the investment opportunity can significantly boost the success of a campaign.

The popularity of Reg A+ and equity crowdfunding has continued to grow and the potential for success is reflected in the statistics below.

Statistics from Fundera

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Attracting and engaging investors requires a specific strategy. To stand out from the crowd, it’s not enough to just tell your investor story, you need to make people talk about your opportunity. As a full-service investor marketing firm, we provide with industry knowledge to the management team, strategic direction, creative asset production, data-driven marketing, investor relations, and much more to help your company thrive.

Finding the time to raise capital while running a business isn't easy. Think of us as a Swiss army knife, with everything you need to manage and find solutions to attract more investors. Understanding investor’s mentality and what they are looking for in an investment opportunity is the key.

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Preparing assets to present your company story in an attractive way in tandem with distributing them on the right channels will reach the widest possible investor base. With extensive knowledge of both public and private markets, we tailor our strategy to companies’ needs, stages, and regulations. In the past few years, we have developed expertise in equity crowdfunding marketing including Regulation A and Offering Memorandum.

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With more and more companies turning to Reg A+ to raise money for their company there is growing competition to be able to stand out and attract investors. The opportunity to develop a strong corporate identity and investment story and attract retail investors is there to be seized and if well executed, the results will follow. With our knowledge of equity crowdfunding compliance combined with our marketing expertise and available technologies, your company story will stand out from the crowd and reach relevant investors that align with your investment opportunity.

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About Public Yield Capital

Retail investors require a different approach to typical investors. Their knowledge of investing can vary which can provide an opportunity to educate them about equity crowdfunding, your company and its investment potential.

Retail investors are attracted to companies whose mission and products or services speak to their personal interests and values. Identifying those interests in advance and tailoring your messaging to them will set you up for success. Our team goes in-depth to help you develop your corporate identity and messaging and hone in on your investor personas.

Creating supportive investor marketing assets is only one piece of the puzzle. You might have the best-designed website and social media profiles, but if no one is seeing them it’s pointless. Our distribution strategy is data-driven leveraging marketing software and technologies to ensure the maximum exposure for your company. We are continually collecting and analyzing results to adapt and improve your campaign efforts and generate more leads.

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At Public Yield Capital, we pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with our clients. With the success of your company in mind, we set our standards high to ensure that we meet your expectations.



We take the time to get to know exactly what your needs are and provide a clear outline and timeline for how we can achieve them. We give full transparency to how we construct your strategy, how we spend your media budget and show you the results.


We think outside the box and bring a fresh approach to every client we work with. Keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing tactics and technologies allows us to provide clients with more leads and the best traction.


We understand the stresses of running a company. Think of us as more than just a marketing partner and more of an extension of your team, able to preempt problems before they arise and help you solve them when they do!


Life Balance. For Real

At PYC, work-life balance is paramount. For real. Working smarter and not harder keeps the mind and spirit fresh and able to innovate. We want you to stimulate your creative side by enjoying out-of-work activities. Having time to enjoy activities you like, spend time with family and friends (especially those on four legs) is essential. We know that when you take care of your health ( mental and physical) you can do your best work and we want you to take the time for yourself to do the same.
Results-driven and strong core values exist to thrive and always be pushing forward to the next level. Our values are at the core of everything we do.


More than that we want to allow you to develop and grow your skills. We want to hear ideas and thoughts about how our processes can be improved and tell us which areas they would like to be more involved in.

Deliver Meaningful Experiences

We always have your company’s best interests at heart. We know that there are many options of whom to work with. We aren’t afraid to speak our minds even if that means telling you we disagree with your approach (and present a detailed approach) or think you aren’t ready yet.


We take our time to get to know our clients and align with companies whose mission we respect. We want our work to reflect our values. If we don’t believe in the genuineness of your mission we won’t be able to authentically market it.

Clients talking about Regulation a+ and crowdfunding at Public yield capital

At Public Yield Capital, we pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with our clients. With the success of your company in mind, we set our standards high to ensure that we meet your expectations.



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