Head of Government and Regulatory Relations

Company Overview:

Public Yield Capital, founded by one of the pioneers of investor marketing in North America, enables companies to reach new investing communities, strengthen investor relations and provide a steady flow of accurate and reliable communications. Refining investment stories and attracting the right investors, PYC provides the tools needed to support your stock price, liquidity, and raise capital via investor marketing and communications tactics.

Public Yield Capital has the knowledge and experience to reach potential audiences and effectively communicate investment opportunities. Public Yield Capital is an investor marketing and communications partner specializing in digital channels. Our team’s wealth of knowledge and experience ensure the right story is reaching potential investors.

Job Description:

When dealing with Regulation A and Offering Memorandum campaigns, government regulations and policies become important factors for consideration. As the Head of Government and Regulatory Relations, you will address both U.S. and Canadian government regulations relevant to PYC’s growing business. Working closely with all departments to ensure compliance, you will also address risks and opportunities that will help us advance our business goals and equity crowdfunding efforts within the SEC sector.

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  • Ensure compliance with government and regulatory requirements across all departments.
  • Carry out government relations strategies to respond to emerging concerns and advance firm priorities.
  • Closely monitor both Canadian and U.S. legislations and regulations such as Regulation A and Offering Memorandums.
  • Evaluate regulation impact and identify relevant opportunities and threats.
  • Build connections with important stakeholders in regulatory organizations, industries and government.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree.
  • 5+ years experience working in government affairs/relations, public policy.
  • Outstanding political, analytical and communication abilities.
  • Excellent leadership skills with the ability to collaborate with various individuals.
  • Strong judgement in fast-changing situations and ability to recognize opportunities. 
  • Familiarity with public policies and Regulation A, offering memorandum and/or private placements.

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